Photonic Crystals and Metamaterials



The CRIME research group develops studies concerning the physics and applications of photonic crystals, metamaterials and metasurfaces. These studies are performed at microwave, THz and infrared frequencies. They are mainly related to metal/dielectric structures in the microwave domain as well as optical metal structures on silicon in the near infrared domain. In all these fields, the CRIME group develops theoretical and numerical studies, but also designs materials and devices, and performs experimental characterizations in microwaves and infrared optics, often in collaboration with other national and international academics. 

The research group have also developed industrial collaborations with AIRBUS, DASSAULT, THALES, ORANGE, ARIANE GROUP and others… within the framework of numerous French ANR, European and industrial projects.

Regarding international academic collaborations, they mainly concern Chinese, British, US and Danish universities.

The CRIME research group is also a member of the METAMORPHOSE Virtual Institute, which is the continuation of the European Network of Excellence METAMORPHOSE. 

The team is composed of:

  •  4 Professors and Associate Professors
  • 1 CNRS researcher
  • 1 Post-doc
  • 3 PhD students

The following pages present the main research activities of the team:

Recent publications


Key Figures

  • 4 Professors and Associate Professors
  • 1 CNRS researcher
  • 1 Postdoc
  • 3 PhD Students
  • 2 Research Activities

Group leader

  • Anatole Lupu